Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Cornwall

The roof coating or the roof sealing is the final stage in the process of a achieving a fully protected and aesthetically pleasing transformation in your roof.

If the roof has had any repairs carried out then after a suitable drying time to allow the mortar to fully cure and also allowing the tiles to dry out the contractor will again protect any areas that maybe be sensitive to over spray for example conservatories, orangeries or vehicles parked nearby before the protective coating can be applied.

The customer would have preselected a coloured roof coating from the Climashield ™ product range bought to you by the UK's market leading sealant supplier Smartseal™.

Prior to applying the coating or sealer the whole roof is sprayed with a moss killer to ensure any remaining spores within the tile structure are fully eliminated. 

The application process starts with cutting in the perimeter by hand, this is an important measure to once again reduce the risk of potential issues caused by over spray. The utilisation of a professional airless sprayer to apply the product is fully recommended to ensure the product is applied in line with the manufacturers guidelines.

The first of a two coat application is applied in a heavy methodical manner to ensure the product is fully absorbed into the structure of the concrete tile. The depth of absorption is critical in ensuring longevity of colour fastness and protective elements that will allow the roof tile to flex, remain fully breathable and inhibit moss and algae growth. A second coat is applied once the base application has dried out sufficiently.

For customers with slate or clay tiled roofs then it is more appropriate to use Smartseal's clear acrylic roof sealer to protect and enhance the natural beauty of these surfaces. The sealer is applied in several thin coats as the natural structure of the product is more resilient to penetration than concrete roof tiles.

Once the second application has been completed the site is fully cleaned and tidied and left for the customer to enjoy the end result and the neighbours and passers by to envy.

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